Scorum and OpenLedger Join Forces

January 14, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger offers a host of services to startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry including a decentralized exchange based on Bitshares and the Graphene framework. Since Scorum is also building its next-gen sports media platform on Graphene, it was only natural for us to team up with OpenLedger for asset management in the form of their escrow services.

Starting January 14th on day one of the public Scorum Crowdsale, funds raised will be placed in escrow with OpenLedger. All money will be deposited in OpenLedger’s escrow fund until the Scorum blockchain is published. We’ve taken this measure to ensure that SCR token purchasers can trust the Scorum team to fulfill its responsibilities in developing and publishing the Scorum blockchain and wallet. Funds raised during the presale and whitelist member sale (January 8th-13th) will be available to us at Scorum to finish development of the Scorum blockchain and also continue marketing plans throughout the public crowdsale.

During the Scorum Crowdsale, each purchase will be made to a unique address and tracked internally so that we can deposit the appropriate amount of SCR tokens to each buyer. The ETH and BTC collected during the crowdsale from January 14th to Februaty 11th will be held in OpenLedger’s ETH and BTC wallets at the addresses listed below and stored securely until the Scorum blockchain is published. Token purchasers will be able to monitor the addresses that hold the funds raised from January 14th to February 11th during the Scorum Crowdsale.

Scorum’s OpenLedger escrow addresses are:

ETH: 0x0090421e334A3cEb15C419941B5D6f4C93798ae8

BTC: 3AFiqPTbBxj2PZjzjbykSrsx5JECeAj5sM

To receive the funds raised in the crowdsale held in escrow by OpenLedger, Scorum will meet the following requirements according to the escrow agreement:

  • Complete development of the Scorum blockchain and publish it to the main net.
  • Create the Genesis Block of the Scorum blockchain at which point all SCR tokens will be produced.
  • Release the Scorum user wallet where buyers can generate their private keys and access the SCR tokens they purchased during the crowdsale.

Furthermore, Scorum is glad to welcome OpenLedger Founder Ronny Boesing to the Scorum board of advisors. We look forward to a fruitful and successful partnership with OpenLedger as we advance the adoption and adaptation of blockchain technology into the wide world of sports. SCR purchasers can buy with the confidence that Scorum’s funds will be held in escrow until the Scorum blockchain is operational and launched.

Scorum’s Crowdsale starts January 14th at 17:00 GMT. See you there!

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