SCR Tokens Available on OpenLedger DEX

February 02, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

scorum-tokenAs the Scorum Crowdsale enters its last week, Scorum’s partnership with OpenLedger opens a new door for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who would like to purchase SCR tokens. We’re glad to announce that 1 million SCR tokens will be set aside for purchase on the OpenLedger exchange as open.SCR tokens. These SCR tokens are reserved from the 18.6 million tokens available during the Scorum Crowdsale.

This will be the first step towards open market trading for SCR and offers current OpenLedger DEX users along with the wider BitShares community the chance to add increased liquidity to the SCR cryptocurrency.

Until the crowdsale ends on February 11th at 17:00 GMT, SCR tokens will be available on the OpenLedger decentralized exchange as open.SCR. This first version of open.SCR will have its value pegged at 1 USD until the end of the crowdsale and will guarantee the wallet holder receives open.SCR tokens of an equal amount when the Scorum blockchain is launched.

Open.SCR will be paired with bit.USD so that the community of traders on BitShares decentralized exchange can easily purchase SCR tokens without registering on the Scorum Crowdsale website. Along with further visibility, this offers SCR buyers a chance to purchase SCR in cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and ethereum.

After the Scorum blockchain and wallet are launched in March. Open.SCR holders who wish to redeem their open.SCR for SCR tokens will send their open.SCR to OpenLedger accounts with their Scorum Wallet address. OpenLedger will then send them the same amount of SCR to their Scorum wallet.

Fans of Scorum who have joined the Scorum crowdsale already will be able to generate the private keys to their Scorum wallet and transfer the SCR tokens to OpenLedger and trade open.SCR in their wallet once the Scorum Blockchain and Wallet are launched. Once there, they can participate in buying further open.SCR or filling orders for open.SCR from other users on the exchange. After the end of the crowdsale, open.SCR will no longer be pegged at 1 USD and the open market will dictate the value of SCR tokens.

Scorum/USD market on OpenLedger DEX:

Here are a few links for those new to OpenLedger and BitShares:

Scorum’s Crowdsale runs until February 11th.

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