Sola Reached Their Soft Cap!

December 21, 2017
OpenLedger DEX


ITO Ends on December 22, 2017, So Don’t Miss Out!

Today on social network sites, most users don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, and their posts and content can only reach their friends and followers. These users will not make any income, no matter how good their content is.

Sola is a next-generation, decentralized social media platform that doesn’t use the concept of following. Instead, content spreads like a virus depending on the users’ reactions. Sola has been running their ITO for over 3 weeks and has raised a lot of interest and positive feedback, which has been reflected by reaching their softcap, with time to spare.

The CEO and Founder of Sola, Ilya Zudin, has explained how the tokens act as incentives on the platform; “SOL tokens help us to gather a greater audience and improve the quality of content. People are incentivised to put more effort into the creation of content that would suit today’s audience.”

Sola reached their soft cap and has already gained over $800,000 USD, allowing them to start dealing with all the planned developments, and make the Sola platform even better, giving the users opportunities to earn money through the app.

Zudin said, “We have a working product with traction and a significant user base, leaving a lot of space for growth.”

Sola’s ITO will end in just 1 day, so don’t miss your chance to invest in this exciting project. Participants who act fast will get a 10% discount, and after the purchase, a referral link will be created to access an extra 5% discount for a further purchase.

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