Spanish government support for blockchain climbs

July 05, 2018
Chris Wheal

The Spanish parliament has moved closer to adopting blockchain technology across its administration. More than 130 deputies from Spain’s Popular Party have backed a recommendation that blockchain is integrated into the day-to-day governance of the Spanish Parliament. The Spanish government has also acknowledged that the tech is – potentially – a revenue raiser.

“In addition,” the newly minted public proposals made abundantly clear, “the use of this technology can also bring extra revenue to the Administration through the promotion of new models of exchange of rights in sectors such as logistics, tourism or infrastructure.”

Spanish blockchain support has been hoisted from the government; credit: Shutterstock

Hola to blockchain

However there is little in the way of timelines or dates, for the moment. The functionality of blockchain is increasingly being noticed by governments across the world for public services. Blockchain, claim some, will have a major impact on healthcare, voting and tax and revenue raising departments. 

Estonia has been at the forefront of blockchain technology for government use, as far back as 2008. Many countries in developing economies are looking hard at the area. The hope is that much of the tech will allow some to leapfrog past traditional legacy infrastructure challenges. 

Welfare advantage

Social welfare is a key area that may see significant savings from blockchain tech. The UK Department of Work and Pensions has already partnered with Barclays and German energy firm RWE and the University College of London to work on this area. Other trials have also taken place. 

Spain’s economy is steadily pulling itself out of its post-credit crunch lurch; credit: Shutterstock

Post written by Chris Wheal
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