Testing delay for Ethereum’s hard fork

October 05, 2018
Chris Wheal

Ethereum 'hard fork' test

Ethereum’s upcoming ‘hard fork’ test has been delayed

Ethereum’s core developers have announced that its forthcoming system-wide upgrade on the test network Ropsten, dubbed Constantinople, is being delayed.

Péter Szilágyi, team lead at the Ethereum Foundation, issued a tweet explaining that the delay is to offer more time for clients – individuals and businesses running ‘nodes’ or computer servers supporting the ethereum network –to address a vulnerability discovered in one of the five Constantinople upgrades.

Requiring what is known as a “hard fork”, the Constantinople upgrades include changes to block reward issuance, code execution, data storage and more. The active nodes of the Ropsten testnet would need to implement such changes simultaneously, or risk splitting into two separate blockchains.

New release date is October 14

Lefteris Karapetsas, a developer for the Raiden network, told ethereum developers in a public forum that causing a potential network split for even a temporary period on Ropsten would “effectively make testing almost impossible” for their project, which is “rather close to mainnet release”, in response to an open call for input on the postponement date.

The postponement is to avoid intentionally causing complications on the ethereum testnet. Another option, proposed by ethereum core developer, was to launch a separate temporary testnet to Ropsten and resolve obvious problems in code there before implementation for further testing by existing users of the Ropsten network.

The revised release date for Constantinople on Ropsten is now set for October 14, estimated to be block 4.23 million, as agreed to by core developers and testnet users together.

Szilágyi has warned that any further delay would push into an even busier season for ethereum core developers heading into their fourth annual developer conference, dubbed Devcon and scheduled to take place in Prague on October 30.


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