The Future of Making Money Using Social Media

December 17, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

IMG_3840Making money through doing something you love is everyone’s dream. But as most of the social network sites financially benefit only the privileged few who have many followers, whether they make amazing content or not. Most social media users get nothing in return. Sola is changing that, allowing everyone able to earn revenue from their posts.

Sola’s goal is to make their app experience as simple and automated as possible using an easy to use card format. A user can see one full-screen card at a time that can contain all content types – image, text, video, and links.

The CEO and founder of Sola, Ilya Zudin, says, “We aim to become the top spot to create, share, and publicly interact on non-private information of any kind in the most effortless way. If you have something to say, we show it to everyone. Automatically.”

After their token sale, which is currently live, there will be many additions to the Sola app. Firstly, 18% of all tokens will be transferred to content creators by the Sola app endorsement mechanism. Once the token sale is over, these tokens will be evenly distributed amongst the users over the next year.

Zudin explained, “10% of the issued tokens will be reserved for the core dev team with a 1-year lock. They are to be used for the incentive plan, aimed at attracting and keeping highly qualified expert developers. 2% will be transferred to the user allocation fund for rewards already accrued via the Sola App.”

After the token sale, everyone can trade SOL tokens on the crypto-exchanges or save them in their wallets and spend them on Sola services. When an app users’ content gets endorsed, they earn SOL tokens from it which are automatically sent to their internal wallet. Inside the app, tokens can be used to purchase goods and services on the Sola platform or they can be converted to another crypto – or fiat currency.

Sola’s token sale will last for 5 more days, so don’t miss the chance to buy SOL tokens on their website

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