Transactions Proposed by Suspicious Accounts; Approve Button for Suspicious Transactions Disabled by Default

June 10, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

Please be reminded that some suspicious transaction proposals were detected both on BitShares and our trading platform. We strongly recommend that you don’t approve proposed transactions from the accounts you don’t know.

Note: there are some accounts that pretend that they belong to OpenLedger. Please be cautious about transactions proposed by them. These are the following accounts:

  • openledger-gex
  • openlegder-dex
  • openlegder-wallet
  • committee-seccurity
  • cryptobridge-upgrade
  • openledger-security
  • openledger-guarantee
  • openledger-update-security
  • openledger-upgrade
  • committee-update
  • openledger-delegate

If there’s a suspicious proposal from an unknown account, you can either reject it or simply wait until it expires.

We also disabled the “Approve” button for suspicious proposals by default to eliminate the risk of accidental approval as we won’t be able to cancel the transaction once it’s approved.

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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