Update on OPEN.XSD asset

January 27, 2020
OpenLedger DEX

Dear users,

We hereby in form you, that as of January 27, 2020 we have transferred all XSD assets in SounDAC Network to PeerTracks Inc. account openledger-xsd.

We have changed the issuer of the OPEN.MUSE, OPENMUSE, OPEN.MUSEOL and OPEN.XSD assets to PeerTracks Inc. account – https://openledger.io/account/soundac-openledger

Therefore, we stop all further activity (including support tickets review and processing), related to  OPEN.XSD (OPEN.MUSE, OPENMUSE, OPEN.MUSEOL) assets in Bitshares, and SounDAC network. We are no liable for any past and (or) future claims, requests, issues related to OPEN.XSD (OPEN.MUSE, OPENMUSE, OPEN.MUSEOL) assets in Bitshares, and SounDAC network.

For further information, please connect with SounDAC team directly.

Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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