Meet the Voting Section on BitShareScan

February 18, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Hi everyone!

We are happy to introduce you to the new BitShareScan section — Voting. It contains valuable and up-to-date information on the BitShares voting.

The Voting page displays four tables by default: Top Voters, Workers, Committee, and Witnesses.

All tables are updated every hour to provide you with the latest information.

Top Voters Table

This table displays top BitShares Voters. Top voters’ voting weight (in percentage terms compared to other top voters) is available in the ‘Voting stake weight’ column.

Non-Voting Accounts Section

There’s also the ‘Non-voting Accounts’ section that is hidden by default. Check the ‘Show non-voting accounts’ box at the top of the page to make it visible.

Voting Matrices

‘Workers’, ‘Committee’, and ‘Witnesses’ matrices show information on workers, committee members and candidates, and witnesses — all parties involved in the BitShares voting.

When you hover the cursor over a cell in a voting matrix, the voting stake weight of the account displayed above will appear.

Anything Else?

It’s a 1.0 beta, more stable version of BitShareScan.

New updates are coming soon!

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The OpenLedger Team

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