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February 15, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

It is Thursday February 15th 2018, and the year where blockchain will start rolling out their first businesses connecting for that very much needed mainstream acceptance.


Every time after life streams we were receiving a lot of questions and feedback.

It looks like increasing the amount of live streams with updates from OpenLedger is a good idea.

We will start with pre-recorded videos, but probably will shift to a lifestream one day.

Well, here comes some standard information to remember
Videos will be uploaded to our channel every week on Thursdays, 15.00 UTC+1 hour, unless anything is announced.
Duration – not longer than 15 mins.

Topics to be highlighted…
• Well, of course it will be updates about OpenLedger and our projects, as well as news related to the Bitshares platform – the network upon which OpenLedger is building as well as testing its many business models in the works for final introduction.
• Updates from our teams, employees and ambassadors from across the globe.
• I will be looking forward to give more insight and understanding as to the DEX functionality.
• I will comment on the latest news and trends of crypto world.

Last but not least, I invite all of you to become a part of the content creation:
All you have to do is leave your questions and/or suggestions for topics below this video and I will cover the hottest of them in the following episodes of the OpenLedger Weekly.

Depending on the amount of questions received, I am open to the idea of turning every 4th video of the month into a FAQ session, and I will then be using that entire session to answer all your questions.

Today’s topic is How to create an account on OpenLedger DEX.

Next week I will show you How to fund your account on OpenLedger with bitcoins.

See you again in one week!

Now please enjoy the topic of this OpenLedger’s Weekly!

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