September 29, 2017
OpenLedger DEX


OpenLedgers’ Bitshares based platform has improved and is now better than ever. We have now incorporated Airbitz as a third way to create an account on OpenLedger. Airbitz is a user controlled, encrypted, auto backed-up wallet for decentralized apps.

Airbitz gives users access to a simple web account while providing full privacy and security of transactions and funds. No third parties, including Airbitz or OpenLedger, can access your funds when secured with an Airbitz account.

The other two ways to open an account on OpenLedger are the Account model and Wallet model.

The Wallet model has the best security, but is restricted to your current browser and computer. To migrate the wallet to another browser or computer, you may use the backup file or brain-key.

The Account model lets you login to your wallet from anywhere using only your account name and password, but your password is vulnerable to brute-force attacks which means it is important to use a very long password, ideally 20+ characters!

The Bitshares update boasts many new features including:

• Login using AirBitz application

• Sell/Buy/Withdrawal windows will have a better user interface especially for users in Basic Mode

• Users will not be able to create passwords anymore, they will be created automatically for better security

• Adding addresses to ‘Your Favorites’, so if you make transactions with the same addresses frequently, they will be saved

UI improvements:

• Highest bid shows by default in the price fields in the “Sell” and “Buy” sections.

• With improved footer and header sizes, more information can be displayed on the exchange.

• The highest bid will be placed in price field (sell and buy orders) by default.

Fixes, Including:

• Fixed issues with empty address field and ability to make transactions.

• Withdrawal fees are displayed in BTS now.

• Fixed some others technical issues

• Fixed issue with backup creation

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