Zug residents to cast votes through blockchain

June 11, 2018
Chris Wheal

Residents of Zug will use blockchain technology to cast votes through their smartphones later this month.

The local authorities continue to pioneer the wider applications of blockchain through their Ethereum-based eID system.

Dubbed “Crypto Valley” due to its large number of blockchain startups, the municipality established eID in November, a personal identification system that uses blockchain.

eID is already being piloted to administer public services.

Blockchain applications

In the test vote later this month, residents will answer whether they think the blockchain system should be used for parking fees and borrowing books.

More importantly, they will also be asked if they think eID should be applied to referendums.


Zug, Switzerland: pic from shutterstock

User centric

Still in its early stages, eID is thought to have just 200 users at present.

eID uses Uport, a self-sovereign identity and user-centric data platform based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Post written by Chris Wheal
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