Update on OPEN.KRM asset

December 13, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Dear users,

We hereby inform you, that as of 13 December 2019, we have transferred all OPEN.KRM assets in KARMA blockchain to mr. George Goognin, Founder of KARMA project (account name karma-new). We have changed the issuer of the OPEN.KRM assets to mr. George Goognin account – https://openledger.io/account/gg-token

Also, we have provided  mr. George Goognin the snapshot of all accounts, holding OPEN.KRM assets in the Bitshares network, as of 13 December 2019.

Therefore, we stop all further activity (including support tickets review and processing), related to KRM asset both in Bitshares and KARMA blockchain. We are no liable for any past and (or) future claims, requests, issues related to KRM assets both in Bitshares and KARMA blockchain.

For further information, please connect with KARMA team directly.

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