Who are the best Twitter crypto experts we can trust?

December 19, 2018
Darya Karatkevich

Twitter has become one of the world’s leading platforms for industry experts to share their take on cryptocurrency affairs, news, opinions and predictions. There are many self-proclaimed experts out there, but if you’re involved in cryptocurrency trading (or are thinking about getting into it), you want to be assured the advice you’re reading is sound.


Listening to the right experts on a channel such as Twitter can help you determine the best cryptocurrency to invest in, but also which ones to avoid. The fast-paced nature of the markets means you don’t want to miss a thing. We’ve done the hard work of vetting the real experts for you, and here are our most trusted picks:

Approaching 1 million followers, Roger was one of the first investors in bitcoin and while he tends to promote projects he’s interested in, his long-lens insight into the industry is valuable.

With 462k followers, Andreas is the second most followed expert on our list. Why do so many follow his feed? Having authored several books such as Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, his opinion is sought after.

This anonymous account sports 217k followers and is a serious trading-focused feed, heavy on chart analysis. Missing the prediction on 2018’s market has re-focused them and is spawning good analysis.

At 179k followers, Slibert is a serial investor and CEO of Digital Currency Group, the parent company of Coindesk, Genesis and Grayscale. A sought-after speaker and pundit, his insights are valuable and he shares a lot on the platform.

Founder of the ShapeShift exchange and regular cryptocurrency speaker, Voorhees has a significant following of 321k on Twitter. They are treated to high-level industry insights, and lots of news about his ventures. A smattering of humor and sarcasm keeps it interesting.

Primarily a bitcoin evangelist, Adam believes in it so much he founded a company specifically to enhance the bitcoin ecosystem by offering satellite connectivity and founding a sidechain startup. At 160k followers, lots of people are interested in what he has to say.

Some comic relief is a nice break from time to time, and this anonymous account is something of a parody account. There’s still information to be had, but it’s cloaked in sarcasm and wit. You may or may not learn something, but you’ll likely be entertained.

Another anonymous expert, their 148k followers tune in for primarily altcoin exploration. He gives honest assessment of upcoming cryptocurrency and long-term viability outlooks on popular altcoins. Claims to hold over 130 different coins and shares lots of information on Twitter.

Popular crypto money personalities are at times a bit edgy and snarky, and Jimmy is no exception. He has a very strong opinion about decentralization and open-source being key aspects for truly independent currency. Over 139k followers tune in for his strong-willed insights.

This astute and scholarly industry leader gives great insights into the future of cryptocurrency. Less focused on trading and more on the state of the industry, he is a sought-after panelist and speaker around the world. The quality, straightforward information has drawn 133k followers.

In what might at first seem like a parody account, the crypto trading dog actually doles out intense investing advice to his 106k followers. Charts, analysis of trading positions and predictions for the market dominate the feed, and he’s even started doing interviews. Sure, his identity is a gimmick but the content has substance.

A great balance of industry insight and investment advice from a young industry insider will greet you when you join his 94k followers. All cryptocurrency all the time, there’s always fresh commentary and analysis to keep your attention.

Almost 77k followers signed up to get no-nonsense trading predictions and market trend analysis. Prepare yourself for lots of charts, and sound investment advice. Amassing that number of followers in 18-months says something about the quality of the content.

This eccentric entrepreneur is involved in many different successful cryptocurrency ventures, and travels the world talking about his work. The offbeat ideas that make this industry tick seem like a natural for an offbeat guy like Brock, and over 59k followers agree.

Over 46k followers are listening to Joel’s investment and startup advice. While many feeds can be a bit negative, his remains very upbeat even in a down market. Definitely worth a follow here for an entrepreneurial take on cryptocurrency.

This regular meetup host and YouTube content creator also doles out solid investment analysis and market trends to her over 21k followers. Keen analysis of new projects peppers the feed, and if you’re in Southern California you can get plugged into local events via her.

Matt’s Twitter feed is a pretty snarky place, but if you can get past the tone there is a ton of great information. Between market analysis and prediction, altcoin and startup analysis and technical acumen there’s lots of value for his approaching 20k followers.

With just over 18k followers, Heidi is a bit eccentric too in-that she approaches cryptocurrency from a very anti-establishment perspective. It’s an attitude that many in the industry share, so if you feel the same way, hers is a good account to follow.

Regular speaker and cryptocurrency evangelist, Lou also founded a VC firm specifically to support companies contributing to a decentralized digital economy. He hosts regular discussions and is very engaged with his community of over 15k followers.

Not everyone has to have a ton of followers to have value, and Armand’s 878 followers as of now are treated to data-driven predictive trading advice. Lots of charts and analysis without much of the typical commentary that colors other feeds.

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As you can see, there are plenty of trustworthy experts, each with a different perspective on the cryptocurrency world. Take some time to find your favorites, and soak up their expert opinions. You’ll end up more informed for it.

Post written by Darya Karatkevich
Darya is a blockchain market observer with 5+ years of experience as an author and editor for major tech blogging platforms. Her fortes are blockchain technologies and solutions, cryptocurrencies and crypto-related regulations.

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